by Predators

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First EP!


released October 31, 2014

Recorded by Ricky Rivera/



all rights reserved


Predators Columbus, Georgia

Slow and low from Columbus, Ga.

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Track Name: Intro(Ft. Zeke Bray of Aerus)
Human kind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
All things are bound together.
All things connect.
All things connect.
All things connect.
All things are bound together.
All things connect.
Predators, we destroy the earth.
Predators, we destroy ourselves.
Track Name: Imminent Death
You lived your life so dolorous, brought yourself into the depths of hell.
Did nothing but fuck up the life you chose.
Just throw yourself into the burning river. (x2)
Portray the last time that you caused nothing but grief.
It will remind you what was coming for you, your imminent death.
You will suffer the most imminent death.
You have never spoken a word of truth.
You have no use, I will hang you from the noose, bitch.
The life you are living has no meaning anymore.
Step out the door you will see reality.
You have set a disease to this world.
This destruction is a chain reaction.
Imminent death will forever be in your mind.
I hope that you drown in a hole of despair.
I'm calling it how I see it.
You will fear imminent death.
You can't handle the disgrace in your life.
Now you’re caught into the chains of the sins you caused, your last chance is upon you.
You worthless slave to imminent death.
Track Name: Beyond the Darkness
Why do you go out of your way to be such a pain.
A irritation of your own annihilation.
I will prevail from beyond the darkness
The end of your life is upon you.
You won't survive this plight
You stand on a thread above the fire pits of hell.
Let me set the rope on fire.
Why must you be such a lying scum.
I'll put a gun to your head and let it go off.
When you hit the floor.
I will rejoice with your blood flowing on the floor.
What have I done now.
You told me I could never reach this low in the world
Track Name: Prosecution(Ft. Alex Morford of Dark Usurper)
You have been prosecuted for your destruction of human kind.
The jury has spoken, we are the ones broken.
Condemned to death.
You have abandoned all practical senses.
Abandoned your entire reality.
Face your facts, you have nothing.
So far behind, you are fucking blind.
You have destroyed the mind set of this world.
You aren't even worth the dirt on the ground.
We see you as the worthless pest you are.
We want to rid this world of pest like you.
Your words are the poison of this world.
You fucking peace of shit no one cares for you.
I want to watch the blood drip from your neck when the blade comes sliding down.
The decision of your prosecution.
This world as suffered enough of your pestilence.
Leave the plague in your mouth.
Track Name: Broken Martyr
My life is nothing but sorrow now thanks to you.
You made me nothing but a broken martyr, ruined by all the pain that you have caused.
The old tendencies are coming back.
The thoughts are lingering in my head.
You self destructive piece of shit.
Don't try to drag me down the road you bent.
I hope your parents find your body.
Hanging from the nose that you wrapped around yourself.
I'll watch you suffer from the life that you've created since birth.
So take me to the land they fucking call purgatory.
The old tendencies are coming back.
The thoughts are lingering in my head.
So take me to the land they fucking call purgatory.